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Digital Buying Experience - Hyper WAN (Internet and IPVPN) Deep Dive & Demo - Shared screen
Jim MacDuff
please clarify: the grey box identified 100m internet in (Case 2)
Jim MacDuff
Question regarding a Copper handoff for a GE interface - as far as i know, today a SPECIALS is required in order for a copper delivery to an OnNet location. I'm assuming that because this process is partner/customer based, they'll not run into that roadblock?
Jim MacDuff
can Voice Complete SIP services be terminated to this?
Tim Liebnau
@Jim MacDuff - Hyper WAN is capable of carrying voice traffic. But it must be ordered separately today. Same with other over the top services, they would be quoted and ordered separately outside of the digital experience. We are looking to add Voice, Managed Routers, SD WAN etc. through the same experience so that they can be provisioned together as a solution rather than separate implementations.
trace moore
Thanks Jim. Voice is not available within the digital buying experience, but OTT can be added using traditional purchase path. Tim, any input here?
Jim MacDuff
perfect, ty
Laura Martinez
can you tell on the quote who the LEC is?
trace moore
I think this relates to off-net, right Laura?
Laura Martinez
Tim Liebnau
@Laura Martinez - Not today. In this case, Nancy selected an on-net address, so Lumen is providing end to end. I can tell that since 3Gb was an available bandwidth option. We do have it on the roadmap for the system to present LEC options if you have carrier that you are trying to avoid.
Ryan Dowd
What if an address needs a building or suite number?
trace moore
That is part of the experience within confirguration.
Tim Liebnau
@Ryan Dowd Address line 2 info is added later as part of the technical configuration. User can add Floor, Suite, and Room info. Also can select if they wan Lumen to provide the inside wiring
Laura Martinez
will the customer be able to accept the quote and place order is the account is not approved by governance group?
Laura Martinez
That is for new customers
Laura Martinez
Are you able to demo what the customer sees when placing order?
Ramsey Renteria
how are orders tracked with this process? how are updates provided?