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Digital Buying Experience - DDOS Hyper Deep Dive & Demo - Shared screen
Carol Dieter
From Gene Cleary: Once a customer gets the email to accept the order how does the partner go in and help if the customer has questions
Candis Pagell
@Gene Cleary: the partner can go back into the SF oppty, click Vlocity in the quote section of the oppty, then click Launch CPQ. This will take you to where the customer has left off to help completing the details to submit the order.
Carol Dieter
From Gene Cleary - Once the customer establishes a Control Center account how will the partner be able to go in and help them if they need to make changes to anything they have done directly thru control center
Carol Dieter
From Sandra Prostrollo to Gene - what Candis explained is if the customer would rather you take over for them. However, they still have to accept T&C's